Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My thoughts on..... stuff that doesn't really matter

I just finished reading Alan Moore's "Watchmen," which is being called the most celebrated graphic novel of our time.

First off let me say, I really really hate Alan Moore's writing, seriously I would rather watch until I bleed out of my eyes than read his stuff. (DO NOT GO TO MEATSPIN.COM, unless you are Darren, then check it out you might come to a realization about yourself. but seriously don't go.) But, being the oh-so open minded person that I am, I read it at the behest of my older brother James (who put Craig TenBusschen on my Hollywood video account as "lover" and I have to explain it every time I rent movies.) Well I read it and it's not bad, I was expecting some huge payoff the whole time, like a Usual Suspects finale, and it kind of happened but no where near the scale I wished it would. All in all I'm not a big fan of the Watchmen, the movie looks awesome from the trailer, but I mean I just wasn't super impressed with it.

Don't think I would leave you hanging after that, of course you are now wondering what perhaps is the greatest graphic novel of all time.

Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns," hands down the ultimate graphic novel. This comic book is amazing, so good I get a tingling in my pants when I even mention the name. It has everything you could possibly want, a old man batman coming out of retirement, and showdown between the two titans of DC comics, Batman versus Superman, and alright it does have a Robin in it, which I know looks bad but this one is a girl, so it's not overly homo-erotic.
This graphic novel is phenomenal, I think after reading it you will see the actual value of comic books and come to understand that everyone, I mean everyone is a nerd somewhere deep down. Apart from the Reading Rainbow finish to this post, I will say go out and read them both if you are even slightly interested in comics, they are both worth reading and they are also well recognized in the community as being nerd gateway books.

If you like the movie The Dark Knight, I really think you will enjoy the The Dark Knight Returns.


Dylan said...

I always feel like bad comics nerd because I can honestly take or leave Alan Moore and I can't stand Gaiman. Moore's writing is like Claption's guitar playing: totally virtuosic and perfect, but ultimately heartless. It's like college professor superhero comics. Give me Grant Morrison any old day.

And DKR totally rules. I don't care if Frank Miller has jumped the shark (and he has, believe me), that's some awesome comicbookery right there.

Guy Mayhem said...

Yeah, I really can't get into Moore's heavy handed style. But I did enjoy the Watchmen. Never read V for Vendetta. I just felt like the ending was being built without me really paying attention. All the pieces fit once it got there. Moore is too over the top with his "play within the play" bit. And the little written pieces at the end of the comic were always stupid. If it wasn't for Moore trying to insert himself too much, it would have been something truly great.

But man, frickin Dark Knight Returns is so kick ass. What a great idea to bring Batman out of retirement. And he gets the jump on Superman. That's my favorite part in it. Well, maybe the Nazi chick who won't put on a shirt.

mama.laughead said...

Dear James. You are awkward.
I started reading Dark Knight Returns and stopped two pages in because it was super depressing. I'm sure it is awesome. I also won't read Blankets(I'm sure I will someday) because it is so depressing and there are penises in it.
I am reading Y the Last Man right now. It is interesting and entertaining. The series is finished now so I won't have to wait for the next one. That is always nice. It is well worth reading.

Mike Laughead said...

I totally agree with you there Allen. For a long time The Dark Knight Returns was my favorite book. And there are plenty of other graphic novels that are great, but it might be the greatest.

James, once I explained the Nazi boob-swastika woman to Candace, she agreed that you were less awkward than she had previously thought.

Guy Mayhem said...

Does Alan Moore have Swastika boob lady? No. And until he does, I won't read anything else by him.

ibid said...

i will fight you all.

DKR is gold. it is gold that has been battered and then fried by a large black lady from the south who is proficient at deep frying. everything is good about is. Most especially that he kicks Superman's ass. I agree with all of you there.

as for the remainder of these nay saying words, Allen I am surprised at you, this will come to fisticuffs I am sure. May i suggest virtually, perhaps with Halo 3...actually 2 so james can play and be smacked around too.

The Watchmen is beyond deep fried gold and is more akin to mithril that has been delicately made into readable print and paper and has more worth than the entire Shire.

alas, James has a masters in creative writing so I will lose any battle that is anything other than subjective based so I will merely say: I like it more than you guys do.