Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring is upon us, kind of

It's still cold outside, but warming up a little, since it is still a little bit chilly out the entertainment Gods have blessed us with this.

Three O' Clock High

Hulu has added one of the greatest movies ever, seriously this movie will blow your mind with pure unfiltered awesome. Brady talked about this movie like it was the ark of the covenant back in the day, so as soon as I found a copy I watched it, I was not disappointed. This movie is probably the best bully/fight movie around. I mean its the bad guy from Kindergarten Cop, how awesome is that. I didn't even know he was in any other movies.

The trademark face grab.
For realsies though, if it's kind of drab and dreary outside, pop on this classic. I was honestly cheering for Jerry at the end.

Friday, April 24, 2009

A most excellent card

Seriously, that card is awesome.

I am back in school and super excited to start painting and printing, I am going to be super busy this semester, but hopefully that means I will have a butt load of work to put up on my recently lacking blog.