Thursday, January 31, 2008

I feel like i made the wrong choice with where my life is going, i could have been that


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spare time?

I've got some, and I'm trying not to slack off here is something I have been working on.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

For your Health

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A cock and bull story

I viewed "Tristam Shandy : A cock and bull story."All I need to say about this movie is A plus my friend. It was fantastic, aside from the awkward male nudity, I was laughing so hard in this movie. Once I get better I am also heading to the local library to check out the book, It sounds amazing and I feel like a tool for not reading it before. Steve Coogan is amazing in this movie I really really would like to watch more of his work. I recommend this movie to the not to squeamish about language and dude parts, also you need to have an unnatural love for british humor.

I was excited about this movie since I saw the trailer for it a while back, but I never had the urge to rent it, and last night as I was closing down the video store it had this subtle glow around it. I knew that it was calling out to me,and I am glad it did.

Check it out.

time to get back into the groove

Of blogging, I know many of you have missed my not so subtle attempts at being Internet cool and emo, all at the same time. So I return after a busy holiday season and to end it all, I'm sick right now so it sucks.

Recent discoveries

Girls fall into two categories, crazy and nuts.

A television writer's strike affects me more than I previously thought.

No matter how easy a crappy job is, it is still a crappy job.

Painting on the computer is bang a rang.

I <3 Neil Gaiman, I even read his live journal.

Just because you go to college doesn't make you smart.

Bars are just a sad place to meet people.

Snow is basically Satan in a physical form.