Sunday, February 25, 2007

I love the graphic novel series "Fables", the idea and concepts are a little bit contrived, but for some reason I cannot seem to pull myself away. One of the most amazing things about the series though, are the covers. James Jean has won a bunch of awards for his work on the covers. I suggest you check them out on his website, I am really drawn to the cover of issue #17 for some reason I can't get this image out of my head I am in love with it.


Jory Dayne said...

You should check out (if you havent already) -- its his blog where he posts all his finished peices, usually along with sketches and roughs.

Dylan said...

Forget Carl, James Jean is the awesome. He did a Fantastic Four vs. Galactus piece for, I think, Heroes Con that was fan-freaking-tastic. It's seriously the awesome.

Somewhat related: have you seen Zack Soto's work? I recently picked up the first issue of the Secret Voice at my new, fairly awesome comic store (Astound! in Cleveland) and it was ten kinds of amazing. It think you'd dig it. Issue 2's just been solicited for (I think) June. Google him. He's cool.

Also, Any luck on the Wii tip?