Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I need to read more, help?

Can you guys suggest some books for me, not any of the hard hitting, blow my mind stuff maybe a novel, or something funny that is worthwhile. I'm not looking to gain some amazing knowledge just looking for something to read.


Valerie said...

I suppose I could tell you to read the book club books, but, I won't.
I know I mentioned this already, but Bel Canto effing rocks. It might be a little heavier than you're looking for, but still.
You might really like The Devil in the White City. It's about Chicago, which you might like, and it's all historical, and it's about a serial killer, or a cereal killer.

Mike Laughead said...

Read Bone again....
then read Isaac the pirate. It's a french graphic novel.

Dylan said...

If you're looking for mind-blowing yet funny, I'd suggest anything by Kurt Vonnegut. The man is my hero. Start off with Breakfast Of Champions and if that doesn't work, well, then there is no hope for you.

I'd also suggest dabbling ina llittle PKD (Philip K. Dick, for you non-nerds out there). I was blown over by his Radio Free Albemuth, but have had other people tell me it isn't "all that."

I read Bel Canto and can vouch for its "effing rock"-ingness. It's a gorgeous work.

Then there's Kerouac's On the Road which I try to read every couple of years or so, just to keep humble.

As far as comics go, I just read Paul Pope's Heavy Liquid and am finishing off Eddie Campbell's Alec: the King Canute Crowd. I just love that guy.

Also, yeah, Bone is always good and Nextwave has the second (and last :(, but it's titled "I Kick Your Face!" so somwhow, it all balances out) trade coming out some time soon.

Oh, and Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol is always mind-shattering. Imagine if William S. Burroughs and Salvadore Dali got together and made a comic book about a second-rate X-Men. The entire series is almost wrapped up in trades, but you can always just read the "Muscleboud" trade, as it is the bee's knees.

And Sharknife vol. 2's out in August. So, yeah.

Anyway, that's a lot. I will shut up now.