Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fear of Girls

I have currently regressed back into a new state of a nerd. I have been hitting up the comic shops for new comics and it is awesome, I am almost a regular. I'm so excited, it's like going into a local diner and the owner sees you and says "the regular?" Oh I can't wait.


Dylan said...

Okay, so, totally nerdy, but I'm curious what you're picking up. I must know. Anything I'm missing out on?

Here's what I'm reading regularly:
All-Star Superman
Immortal Iron Fist
Madman Atomic Comics

Stuff I was reading in issues but dropped because I couldn't afford it:
Grant Morrison* on Batman (his three-issue run with JH Williams was mind-numbingly excellent)
Ultimate Fantastic Four

Stuff I catch up on in trades either by purchasing or through Cuyahoga County's incredibly library system:
Anything Hellboy or Hellboy related.
Scott Pilgrim - !!!
I'm thinking of starting in on Y: the Last Man. Any thoughts?

Also, I miss Nextwave: Agents OF H.A.T.E., but you already knew that.

*I will read and recommend anything Grant Morrison touches. Well, except The Invisibles, as I haven't read it. That book scares me.

Allen TenBusschen said...

Y: The Last Man, is a pretty sweet read, Mike and I got into it last year and it's a pretty sweet story, little weird but. What is Godland about that sounds cool?

Dylan said...

Basically Gødland is the comic book Stan Lee and Jack Kirby would be making if they were alive today. And sort of high.

It's huge, ridiculous, over-the-top cosmic comicbookery. It's worth it just for Basil Cronus, the drug-addicted hipster villain whose head is a skull floating in a jar filled with liquid.


Dylan said...

I was looking for the link for the first issue preview from back in the day (it's on issue 20 now) and, wouldn't you know it, found it as soon as I posted my previous comment. Here's the link.

I'll warn you right now that Clifton will most likely make fun of you for picking it up. It's too "indie" for his lame-o tastes.