Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The Assignment
Spaceship with a bumper sticker and Guns

Not a big fan of them, in general unless Han Solo is at the helm. This was really my first try at one of them. I don't like how it turned out at all. It was a spot illustration which I have decided I'm not too keen on either, because I don't get to mess with the format. but any who, you live you learn, you hate spaceships.


Valerie said...

YOU hate spaceships. I love them. And I love this one, because it feels like it's coming right at me.
p.s. Hating spaceships doesn't make you less of a nerd, by the way.

Dylan said...

Dude are you high or something, because spaceships are freaking awesome. Millennium Falcon or no, if it goes into space, it is awesome. That's just science and you can't argue with science. Because it is a concept, not a person and you will be seen as some sort of crazy person if you insist on arguing with a concept.

Basically, spaceships rule. The end.

Guy Mayhem said...

I put on 3D glasses and I crapped my pants when I saw this. Actually, me putting on 3D glasses was unrelated to viewing your 3D painting. In fact, I was looking at some Erik Larsen.

This is the best damn spaceship ever.

ibid said...

bigger badder guns please

Grifter said...

Hey hey...I was talking to my Dad (the guy who shaved his moustache off...yeah)...and he was saying that he named you Allen Twelvebuschen because you always exceeded his expectations by two. Did he ever call you that to your face (probably every day, till you were sick of it?) Anyway--just thought it was a rare shoutout from the Grizz, a guy who usually reserves his high praise for nothing other than his new golf clubs.

Ah, also...thank you for the prints, my friend. They are glorious, and perfect, and add some nice color to both my school office and my den at home. I owe...I'll pay.

Allen TenBusschen said...

I would sell my left arm to be as awesome as your dad, as for twelvebusschen, if I can change my name to it I will.

T.Brown said...

The only acceptable bumper sticker to go on a spaceship is "I heart Uranus" BAM!!! NIce work though, Its not the same here without you man. But Im still working for the weekend. T Bjorn out!