Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is a link to all the artwork in the 2009 Society of Illustrators Student show
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Holy crap ringling school is tearing it up with TWICE as many accepted entries than Academy of Art, and 22 more winners than Art Center! I thought that ringling was just a circus, but apparently they are amazing. If you search far and wide you will find hidden in there BYU-Idaho and you can see Josh's and I's work.

Something that is also noteworthy is the art that was chosen for the catalog, was a girl from Kendall School, which is up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a place that I have mocked on many an occasion, I feel now like I maybe will be put in my place.

There really is some just amazing work in this show, I am just glad to be put in the same room with some of these guys. I will say this though, SAM WEBER is a judge, which is awesome if I can meet that guy, I will get to check off one of the old life goals. It's even cool to think he is going to look at one of my pieces, btw too he is a super nice guy, I have talked to him a couple of time through emails.

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LizzyHouse said...

i'm really proud of you Allen.

See you on Tuesday!