Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A taste.

I'm pretty sure this is where "One-eyed Willy's" pirate ship appears at the end of Goonies. But I can't make any promises cause I only saw that movie a couple of years ago, for the first time.

The Mighty Columbia River.

My First Linoleum Block Print. Mucha 4 lyfe.


annie said...

huh?! you just saw goonies a couple of years ago. that is madness.

adam taylor said...

Congrats on making the society of illustrators annual. too bad our school is lame and I had to find out on my own. That's pretty rad!

Guy Mayhem said...

Our Mom deprived us of that sweet flick. It's because she hates seeing little fat kids tortured.

I want to see this print thing when you're done. It looks badical.

Allen TenBusschen said...

thanks Adam, that was the main reason I was in New York scamming on the trip. I had to drop off that painting.