Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Da Printmaking

This piece was my first edition ever, it was 2 different plates, and believe me when I tell you this. It was a pain to get them registered. Not the biggest fan of them but it was a nice refresher of what is takes to make those prints.

This was a piece I did while I was messing around in the printmaking lab, back when I had time to goof around in there. Hopefully I can get back in there pretty soon and start pumping out some more.


Guy Mayhem said...

What I like about the dude is that I feel like he's stepped out of the Civil War and put on a modern suit. Aw, snap is that Civil War dude look good. No, really. Good job on it.

And the print is great. I don't fully understand the process. You'll have to explain it to me.

Valerie said...

Is that Hemingway? Whether it is or not, I like it, though, you know when you start with the print-making talk I can't follow. I think you do it on purpose.