Saturday, November 14, 2009

The C. Moulton Experiment

So Chris and I decided to paint some landscapes, We did these in a few hours over the last couple of days, they were a ton of fun. Going to have to continue to do these and get better at painting.
This one is mine.

This one is Chris Moulton's painting.


Grifter said...

muy bien.

wish i could even come close to this. i guess i get landscapes for free if i need 'em anyhow.

but again, nice nice.

annie said...

did you watch bob ross while doing these? are those happy little trees? i only like happy ones.

Mike Laughead said...

So I like the color mixing and variation better in yours, but your buddies' feels more like a real place.
So in my class your buddy get's the win but according to my personal taste, I give it to you.

Good work, I told you you would like oil painting.

paul moulton said...

Did this help you to make the choice to take the landscape class?