Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For the Cryptotypographer

This is a quick I'm not sure if its a portrait, but its a painting of one of my heroes Ben, he is an amazing designer, and a pretty solid friend.

Ben graced us with his presence on the fourth, and in honor of this thug doing so well in Cali, I painted him a quick picture.

P.S I found this image from our little trip to NYC.


LizzyHouse said...

this is a copyright infringement.

Allen TenBusschen said...

I own the reference, thug.

Mike Laughead said...

You drew another dude! Awesome. This looks like a Final Fantasy character though. In a good way.

Ben Griffin said...

Wow this is unbelievably cool! I am honored. Allen you are one talented dude to make even me look good. Bravissimo!

Miranda S. Murdock said...

Ben's awesome... your aewsome... it works!