Saturday, October 16, 2010

Student Art Show 2010

These are some pictures from the show, it opened on the 14th with a little awards ceremony, which they changed up a little this year. They awarded Art Department Merit Awards and Honorary Merit Awards. The categories were judged by the faculty whether or not to be put into the show, then they were judged according to merit. I am happy to announce I got 2 pieces in, both in the printmaking category. The first one is called, "How do you solve a problem like Maria," which is playing off of Alphonse Mucha's middle name Maria, it's a dry-point portrait of him.

The second piece is a big ol' self portrait done in the style of one of my heroes Chuck Close. It's entitled "Chuck Close but no Cigar," this one was done with a hard ground on the plate then the plate was dropped into an acidic solution and etched. It took about 2 months to do, and was extremely frustrating, but hey it got in the show so it can't be all that bad. My good friend Chris loaned me a frame from his BFA show, which was extremely nice of him.

These are just some detail shots of the piece, each square is a quarter inch by a quarter inch. The plate is 18 inches by 24 inches, so a ridiculous amount of squares. Each square then has a certain amount of lines drawn into them to show a shade of value, so when you zoom out you get an image.

I have to really thank Carla for teaching me all of these techniques and letting me run free with them, not sure if she is glad she did that, but either way I'm very grateful for her. Even though she has told me many a time, that I got into the student show based off actually having decent pieces, not because we are friends, I think she was extremely nice to put them in the show. (Also she had other faculty come down and help her a little with judging, so she wouldn't come off as biased, which just restates her professionalism and how seriously she takes art) Plus she is just like super mean all the time so it's nice to have something almost maybe sort of appease her. (kidding kidding.........well a little.)


annie said...

congratulations, sir. these are great. well done. i'm going to need the self portrait. every house needs an Allen.

LizzyHouse said...

Does this mean that if you get "merit" you don't get money?

Allen TenBusschen said...

no the art department merit awards came with 100 bones each. so I got like 2 first prize burnt.

Allen TenBusschen said...

Thanks Annie, I think I would like to put that in your bedroom, like right above your head board, big brother style.

LizzyHouse said...

let's not get into totals, my friend. You never called!

Mike Laughead said...

Judging by your names for pieces alone, I can tell you've gone over to the "fine art" dark side. But that's pretty cool. I'll just have to use you to get my own shows later on when I feel like trying for that kind of stuff.
Nice art by the way. And a lot of guys in Catholic countries have Maria as a middle name, BTW. It's still a pretty funny title.