Thursday, February 17, 2011

My "The Future of Taste" post.

Finally an adventure I'm willing to leave the Shire (Yes, its a place, so therefore it's capitalized) for.

Not only do I fully support the idea of my food being a mystery to me, I am so on board with the concept of taking my bag of doritos to uncharted lands in order to discover the powder coating on my corn isosceles shaped chip. And finally! Family sized, so my siblings can also say phrases like "vexing, and intriguing" what a dream come true. Thank you Frito Lay, thank you, another milestone in science! I for one will be devoting every second of every day to this new pilgrimage of flavor

If there is one thing that will bring our nation back into the annals of history its solving this crisis before the Chinese. This is our new crusade, our fountain of youth (only with saturated fats).

And finally, a snack that evolves, (see illustration below, the one I slaved over for hours) a treat that comes with the thrill of the hunt. I think doritos is going to become an olympic event someday. I can see the genius of Frito Lay, they have finally found the missing link between art and science, man am I jonesing to get on to testing!


LizzyHouse said...

this post was beautifully poetic, and about Doritos at the same time. Amazed or disgusted?

the smudgy drop shadow on the Dorito is a nice touch.

Valerie said...

Is it amazing or not that you and James BOTH posted about doritos on the same day?

I mean, seriously, what are the chances.

Also, doritos are my least favorite chip. That being said, I really like chips, so even my least favorite chip is still pretty well liked.

James Best said...

You're right. The Space Race is nothing to this Iditarod of Tongues. I will buy a bag today and find out. I will say "vexing". You bet your bippy.

mama.laughead said...

So how were they? Did you guess the flavor?