Thursday, June 27, 2013

Glazed over.

First painting in a while I feel is up to blog quality. I have started learning how to glaze oil paint properly. I am really liking the technique, but hating the amount of time it takes. I also really miss all the brush stroke texture and the thickness of the paint in alla-prima style. I am fighting every urge to lay on some thick paint and go for it, seriously it's hard to do! I do however slightly enjoy the perspective this gives me on the slowing down and really delving into a process. I think I am going to start a couple of this close up portraits and try to flush out this technique a little bit.

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Annastasya said...

Hello :D I'm blog-jumping here and I loved your art :D your art is realistic and you have a great skill on coloring it :3
I hope you can visit my blog too :D