Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I haven't posted in a while

So I will drop a bomb on you like thriller did in the eighties. That last line may or may not be a lie. I just finished up mid-terms and I'm pretty satisfied, so that is why Ye Olde Blog hasn't been updated. I will give you something to drool about though. This is an Illustration by Sam Weber, who I ran across up here in the society of illustrators show on campus.
It is Abraham and Isaac, well Sam's take on it, I have to say I am drawn to it hardcore for some reason. I love love love it. like in the way Darren enjoys dark clothing and evanescence.


Dylan said...

I just hit his site. nice stuff. Very James Jean-esque (maybe a little too mush so, but hey, James Jean rules, so...), but also very awesome. Dude's trees are excellent.

Not really related stylistically, I have been digging this dude's work. Fairly rad.

BTW, yr illustrations are looking pretty sweet. Well played, young Allen.

Dylan said...

Also, I've been digging this guy's work.