Tuesday, October 30, 2007

James at Ellis Island

This is Craig and I in New York with James, doing what we do best, punching him in the Cleveland steamer port.


Mike Laughead said...

I like how James looks like Harry Potter (or me) in the video. I wish I could have been there to hit his butt.

A Spooky Ghost said...

I believe the word I am mouthing as the clip stops is describing the unmarried state of the perpetrators' parents.

It was a good shot to my cheek. It resulted in a short limping period. And I hate you.

Penni said...
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Mike Laughead said...

I just checked your blog's reading level. You are amazing!


LizzyHouse said...

hi Allen!

i'm back from being away, and I am here in Rexburg. I think I saw you go into the testing center on Wednesday, but you would not have recognized me as my 24inch imac became somewhat of a disguise because the box was bigger than me. I hope that you have a fun week off with your peeps in Michigan. Call me when you get back so we can do something