Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Girlie Mags

Lizzy "don't call me Liz" House brought me back an awesome magazine from Portland, and yeah it may or may not be a magazine for the XX chromosome population. BUT don't stop reading there, because it has a sweet interview/article on AMY SEDARIS! Who battles Tina Fey in an epic ring of platinum chains for my heart. She is awesome, I like just how creative she really is, she is like Martha Stewart with out the hard knock prison lifestyle.

Also as a side note to our readers, this is pretty much spot on how I see Brother Griffin in class. As I believe this picture was taken in class.


A Spooky Ghost said...

I see no link, Maestro. I want to see Joe try for an epic mustache. I don't believe it's in him. He doesn't have the follicles.

Grifter said...

Jims...how is THIS not epic? Or what about when I grew THIS WONDER ??