Thursday, May 22, 2008

You never finish anything, you just run out of time.

Poster for the upcoming showing of Akira Kurosawa's film "Dreams." I talked to some of my teachers and I think I would like to make this into a portfolio piece, so I am going to rework all the line qualities and some of the shapes and all that jazz.
I am happy with the way it came out, I worked pretty hard on it and I think it paid off.
I hope that this poster is well received, it will crush my little ego, if I get peed on by the "critics."
but I would like to hear any thoughts or suggestions, looking at you BFA junkies.

Lizzy just sent me a picture of the final layout, so this is the poster in all its glory.


Dylan said...

Wow. I think it's beautiful. Really well-done.

My nit-picks are the line quality that you mentioned and the color of the title type. It looks very close in value to the yellow. Also, I'm not wild about the script you selected. Maybe do it by hand? I can see a real dry-brushed, calligraphic style working.

Mike Laughead said...

I'm really digging it. The whole thing has a kind of soft feel to it that's really nice. I agree with dylan about the "Dreams" type being too close in value to the yellow. I think you should make it the same as the red lines or the brown that you have.

Also, one comment about the red. Did you try making it less saturated with color? And did you try to make it the same as the brown? Both of those are things that could improve it.

All in all really great. Keep working on linework as well. If you re-drew the lines in illustrator, they might end up being a bit more elegant.