Saturday, June 7, 2008

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I understand that I am not as witty, clever, smart as Joe or James so don't be too critical of this.
Also I like early 90's references.

It's like which dad should I choose, the George Michael artsy type, or the tight laced Jewish accountant?

Maybe I should consult Sam as he sneaks into my bedroom window,

or confront Six. If I am really lucky I'll be able to walk out into my backyard and Mr. Feeny will give my life some real direction.

Is Joe right?


Is James right?


Is Darren being emo and not updating his blog?

I personally liked the new Indiana Jones, I went into the movie thinking that it was going to be an cheesy action movie, like the previous ones. Excluding Temple of Doom, that movie, I don't even know what that movie was, except terrible and a topic of childhood nightmares. Personally I would toss that one out of the trilogy and pop in the new one.

I do want to point out that all of Joe's point are valid, but I'm going to chalk that up to the "burden of knowledge," (thanks Scrubs) One of the reasons not to continue your education is you enjoy movies so much more, I mean you could probably watch all all the movies currently out right now and be completely satisfied. Which leads me to believe that you will never be able to make another "good" Star Wars movie or another good Indiana Jones movie, because the generation that idolized them are all grown up, we know too much. Of course a lot of that was a bit too unbelievable, I agree with James on this too, the atomic bomb, the monkeys, the waterfalls, a bit too much. But I know you didn't watch Star Wars and go "there couldn't have been those explosions in space, there's no oxygen." Or think to yourself "there is no way you could build a space station that big."

Although I think dumbing yourself down to go and see a movie is terrible and you shouldn't ever have to do it. I do think that you should every now and again remember that you are going to see a movie, it's meant to be outlandish and over the top, it if all could really happen it would be boring. I went into the movie knowing that people didn't like it and thought it was too far fetched, so I went in as a clean slate, well as much as I could, not to be tricked into judging the movie before I saw it.

I was smiling for most of the movie, (and laughing, but mostly at the Janitor from Scrubs, WTF mate, you shall remain typecast) I really had a good time, James and I were giggling to each other and making little fanboy comments the entire time. This movie took me back to watching the old movie at my grandparents, and how hot Karen Allen was in raiders, oh yeah!

I liked the nods to Close encounters and American Graffiti, When the movie was all over I seriously just pictured two Titans of film, basically having a tickle fight in their matching Indiana Jones pajamas. The movie felt more like two old guys filming a inside joke. That is another reason I liked the movie, it felt like they were just winking at you the whole time, like "did you see that?," remember when?

I think that Indiana Jones isn't meant to make too much sense, it tries, oh yeah it tries, with all the references and research, it's like an episode of C.S.I where they spew facts at you and you just assume that Catherine Willows is hot and agree.

All in all, I am going to have to say the new Indiana Jones is on my list. It made me feel like a kid again, I was all wide eyed and grinning. So even though the movie had its many flaws, I loved watching it. I do think everyone should see it, if only to form their own opinions about it.

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A Spooky Ghost said...

Sweet points, dude. It did sort of feel like an inside joke. Like the two of them wanted to just get together with their old pal, Harrison and make something fun together. I forget sometimes that movies like any art is sometimes just screwing around, having a good time.

I know Joe agrees with us about the vines, waterfalls, and fridge. The over the topness of it rubbed him and most people the wrong way. I can see why. But I still hold to the idea that the movie wasn't that far off from the good two.

Fruitopia! Ha! I haven't thought of that in years.