Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Verdict

I am going to choose to follow James. I think the new Indy movie is good, and that we should cut an old man a little break, maybe.

Here is what I thought in the shower.

I think this movie is missing 2 things, (besides Gimli) I think the drive to push and strive for greatness is gone from George Lucas' eyes. I mean when Star Wars came out he was pushing everything, and now he is just using the same techniques everyone else is. So the things that made the originals great aren't there. He was working crazy hours when he was making star wars, he really had a yearning to make something great. Where as now it feels like he just threw something together, just to quell his boredom. The "Heart" is missing as well, he is already famous and rich and considered a genius, he has lost the will to go higher, because he is already near the top. It's like if your teacher tells you, "you're the best in the class, hands down." You lose a little of that drive, because you have some what accomplished it, so the work you produce afterwards is missing that extra something.

But I do think it is cool that Joe really tried to like the movie. I want to give you E-Props.


A Spooky Ghost said...

That's a good point. Lucas was cutting edge back in the day. And while he's the father of CGI and digital sound, he's not a cutting edge director anymore. He doesn't try to be. And that's what is working against him now.

You're right. I think he's more bored than driven.

Grifter said...

the old billionaire gets no break. a well-structured rebuttal will appear shortly on bottomless lakes, and by simply reading it, you will both seek out hayforks and louisville sluggers and head west toward Skywalker Ranch.

Maybe not.

Thanks for the E Props. I just raised you a virtual roof.

Allen TenBusschen said...

aww yeah I heart you

Dylan said...

Saw this over the weekend. I have problems with it. Serious problems? I dunno. But I definitely have problems.

Valerie said...

Wow, Allen, aligning yourself against Joe? With James? A bold move, from a (kinda) bold man.