Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Can't win them all, and they all were at my show last night."

I really liked the composition of this one, but I couldn't get it together with the proportions so I scrapped it.

This is my 2nd (but really like 5th) I got really tired and frustrated so I just went for it and this is what is happening, I haven't spent enough time on the face or the hands (the 2 best parts) but I think its a reasonable start.


Annie said...

man, it's a bummer about the top one, because i love the composition too. good luck with the second one, sir.

Chris Moulton said...

sour about that first one too. but you can always crop if you need to. is it board or canvas?

Allen TenBusschen said...

Canvas for sho. I'm not sold on the board yet, I oicked one up and it's just too slick for my tastes.