Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Enjoy the rest of the summer, you can try to top that picture, but I'm pretty sure that kid is possibly having the best time ever. That, right there; is the definition of confidence caught on film.

Perfect hair + Ice cream + No pants = all smiles.


Valerie said...

My dad has this picture, cut out from the newspaper years ago. He likes to put it up on the refrigerator every summer.

And I will enjoy the rest of my summer. My plan is to eat nothing but slurppies and otter pops.

mama.laughead said...

What is with the towel underneath him? It is on the pavement. Was he basking in the sun waiting for the icecream truck to stop just for him? Is this a designated icecream man stop? Does this boy only own that underwear and that towel and the icecream man stopped to alter the rest of this boy's life? Are they both complete now?
Their lives will never be the same.

Allen TenBusschen said...

well, there is a police sticker in the window of the ice cream truck. We could be witnessing a sting operation.

Craig said...

That's so weird that you could find a picture of Jimmy Best the 4th online, kudos for searching it out. I've heard that he grew into his head, but the rest stayed the same.

Guy Mayhem said...

I'm going to punch a Craig in his no-no's so they'll never be a Craig the 2nd.

Candace raises some good questions. Who is that worried about the sidewalk getting sticky? And less worried about towels?

Shut up, Craig. Go comb your Bozo hair.