Sunday, July 1, 2007

is this guy any good?

I was going through my hero Darren's Blog, I was listening to the Cover songs, and i am not a fan of Oasis but I like the cover by that Ryan Adams guy. My question is, is he any good or it he a champagne supernova? (oh yeah I am so smart)

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Dylan said...

I like him. A lot. My wife is so in love with him. He's very prolific (released three albums last year...) and can be as uneven
(see above parenthetical) as heck, but when he's on, he's one of the best around. Seriously.

His latest, Easy Tiger is good. It's solid. I'd recommend starting with Heartbreaker or Gold. I'd also recommend Stranger's Almanac from his old band, Whiskeytown, if only for the song "Avenues." Mmmm.

Beware though, to be a Ryan Adams fan is to be perpetually awed and disappointed... often by the same album.