Sunday, July 1, 2007

Vitamin Water

Oh how I hate, HATE this commercials and ads, this is one of those times where the ad campaign is going to make me not buy the product. I am all for healthy drinks and that business but I am not for bad advertising. I wish I could shoot a beanbag from an 18th century french cannon right into their crotch. I can't think of any other bad campaigns if you have any tell me and I will also physically attack them too, to the extent Jessica Fletcher will not be able to solve it.


James said...

And these suck. A lot of people drink them in New York and I tasted one, because I'm a bandwagon sort of guy I guess, and they taste like some one just drank some Kool-aid and spit it back into a cup of water. By that I mean flavorless.

James said...

Get real. Jessica Fletcher could solve any crime.