Sunday, July 1, 2007

Jon Stewart I Heart you

oh I know, Jon Stewart and the daily show equals ha-ha, but I cannot begin to tell you the amount of respect I get watching these interviews of Jon Stewart, something hits me when I watch and really listen to what he is saying, and the points he brings up. I honestly believe what he is doing is having an extremely profound effect on society and maybe it might bleed its way into out political system. I am by no means an expert on any forms of our government, up until last week I thought there were only 49 states, Delaware really shouldn't count. I think he is an amazing individual and I really do enjoy listening to his thoughts on the current state of things.


Dylan said...

The thing I appreciate about Stewart is that he is, primarily, a level-headed centrist (not unlike a certain candidate with a hard-to-pronounce name who is my main man). He calls the Dems as well as the Republicans to the carpet.

Which is why when I hear on NPR that Fox News is trying to launch a conservative version of the Daily Show, my head hurts. It misses the point entirely. It's not a liberal show. It is an equal opportunity bulls**t-caller. Duh.

Chaucer Arafat said...

I heart Bill Moyers. Sincerely.

James said...

Hey, I totally agree about Jon Stewart's influence. Whatever the Daily Show began as, it's become a main source of news for an entire generation. Jon Stewart is not only a satirist, he's a legitimate journalist-he's smart whip smart, he asks hard hitting questions- what more do you need?