Thursday, June 14, 2007

1 part awesome, 2 parts sweet, 1/2 cup of Sawyer

I just finished catching up LOST, Wow all I have to say, that is the BEST SHOW I have ever seen. I am so excited about the next season. Hey ladies it's Hurley time, I am still awe struck by the shows finale, so many conclusions and ideas running through my head. I had the biggest smile on my face, I have to admit, when Hurley saved the day, I know he is everyone's favorite person, but man he is awesome! I knew the beach boys had something to do with the island too, those bastards, yeah sucks about Pippen, but you can't win them all, as long as Desmond is alright though, I liked him more anyway brotha.Couldn't you just have had charlie get on the other side of the door with Desmond though and then close the hatch, that was just something that was bothering me. But LOCKE WHAT A DICK! I was about to make him a cripple again, how you gonna make him the bad guy, crazy nutter, LET THEM GO HOME! but we still got three more seasons of awesome. I kinda think Jack looks cooler with a Grizzly Adams beard going on, but he is kind of a dick when he gets his beard/hulk style powers. Lets just say he gets the lady when he has a beard.
Which brings me to this,
What is the only crime punishable if attempted, but not if committed?


Jac said...

I'm still a little torn on this one. I mean who is really dead on this island. We know that Locke and Rose And that Nutter Russian Dude have crazy healing atributes. I guess Ben does too. So is Charlie really dead? And what's up with the Pirate? He hasn't aged.

What are the Freakin' rules here? I hate the summer for this one reason. I have more time to read.

Mike Laughead said...

The answer is Suicide.

Also, did you say Pippen just to make me mad or were you being funny?

When we were talking I was thinking about how much you were going to like Hurley. He rocked that van.

Call us or something.

Mike Laughead said...

Wait.. isn't it spelled Pippin?

Chaucer Arafat said...

I totally agree. Scottie Pippen was one of my favorite bollas eva.

Allen TenBusschen said...

see joe gets me, or I am a bad speller ooooohhhhhh the mysteries continue.

Dylan said...

Dude, Locke is so the good guy here. Jack's the one being a d**k, as usual. Seriously, Jack, just for once let's let go a little. It's not always about what you want. Yeesh. No wonder Ed's girl dumped you. I have a bad feeling about that ship 80 miles off of the coast, I will say this.

Also, Lost does indeed rule. Forever. I keep trying to find some kind of substitute, but... nothing. [sigh]

Mike Laughead said...

Ahhh crap! Joe out-clevered me! I even used to like Scottie Pippen!

Allen, your blog has become an awesome place on the internet all of a sudden. You even have the Griffster commenting on it, and he uses TONS of big words.