Monday, June 18, 2007

On a different note

I finished reading, Slaughterhouse Five, that was different. I really enjoyed it, a little hard to follow at times, but I really liked the weird style it was written in, if that is even a style. I heard that a lot of the writing community said Vonnegut was a horrible writer, and I get a sense of that, the book did not flow as smoothly as a Hardy boys mystery but none the less I will be checking out other books by him, because I really liked this book. Breakfast of Champions I believe is next on the list.

Also I watched "The Legend of Bagger Vance" last night, has anyone ever read the book. I really <3 that movie and I would like to read the book unless it sucks.


James said...

Slaughterhouse Five is good. It is totally weird but interesting in its weirdness. Like how do you write about something so horrific without removing yourself somehow, like as far as outer space? Somehow it works.

Valerie said...

I've never read the book, but I have seen the movie, which I really like, much to my surprise. I've also seen the Home Movies episode where Coach McGurk is Brendon's caddy and makes everyone call him Bagger McGurk.