Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Donald of Darko towers

Every time I watch this movie, I start back at square one, nothing brings me closer to a reasonable conclusion I just come up with more questions. On top of that I have no idea how to get anywhere on the website, all that aside though I love this movie, this was the first time I watched the director's cut, which I liked a lot helped with the movie I think. I do wish that I could go see Evil Dead in the movie theater for a couple bucks, now that is something worth building a time machine for. Any thoughts or conclusions on the movie?
If you want to try your hand at the website I have it in the title link thing.


Valerie said...

Allan, every time I look at you, I renew my commitment to Sparkle Motion.

ibid said...

Funny, because I seriously doubted his commitment...but Val, you could be right.

Anyway. Go back to China bitch