Saturday, June 16, 2007


I really like them, Tyrone hooked me up with some of their sweet songs, "I am Warm and Powerful", "Travel Song" are among my favorites.

SSLYBY = Someone still loves you Boris Yeltsin, amazing band name too, based on that alone you should check them out
You can click the title of this post, that is the link though in case it doesn't work
(best I could do to find a way for you to sample them)

Don't Feel bad if you confuse the picture with Mike Laughead, Adam Borg, and Sawyer from LOST, happened to me too


Dylan said...

This is a decent band. They remind me of Weezer if Weezer hadn't made that Faustian bargain and then immediately started sucking.

Mike Laughead said...

I only wish my hair was that awesome! I would love to see Adam with a beard.. hawtness!

Valerie said...

I still love the band name, "I love you but I choose Darkness". And "Niko Case and her Boyfriends".

Adam Borg said...

If only could grow a beard like that, too funny. I just checked the band out, not bad they are pretty good.