Saturday, June 9, 2007

A real mans list

What are your favorite movies that you would never admit to? I mean the ones locked in the vault that your wife, or emo life mate doesn't even know about.

The parent trap (with lindsay lohan)
The Cutting edge
Adventures in Babysitting
Sweet Home Alabama

That is all I can admit without losing all my tough friends

Wanna fight about it?
and just so you know Darren that picture is protected so you better get permission before you put it on your background.


James said...

Um, I might enjoy all those movies also. Or Valerie is typing this for me. John Locke is in the coach in Cutting Edge! Yeah!

Valerie said...

Um, John Locke is Kate's dad in the Cutting Edge. Her dad. And I happen to like 13 going on 30. I actually saw it in theatres. By myself, if you must know.

Dylan said...

Dude, Zach is looking so puny standinng next to Slater.