Friday, June 22, 2007

RE4 Wii Style

Um, greastest thing ever. I was a little nervous about changing the games mechanics and still being as awesome to play, but fear not, it works, and it is amazing. At first I was a little clunky with the controls, they don't really feel right, you turn like someone in an electronic wheelchair or something, its just feels a little slow compared to the gamecube, but after you play a little bit it becomes a type of second nature a lot like the first version, but the aiming, oh the aiming, is just mind blowing, it is so much smoother and faster!

One more thing about the Wii edition is a completely new side story, you play as Ada and you play the game one step in front of Leon, it explains a lot of things, not really gaps in the story, but just a little background information about some of the main characters, for instance in the game you arrive in a village, somewhere in Europe, Leon shows up and people just start attacking him with no explanation, you soon become overwhelmed with the zombie like villagers, only to be saved the ringing of a church bell, which puts the villagers under a sort of trance and makes them stop what they are doing and head towards the bell. In the game you are just happy they left, and it eludes to the fact that there is something really weird going on with the locals and their religion, so you take that an move on, you just assume it was time for them to go all heaven's gate or something. When you play the new story with Ada you understand that the villagers are just basically attack dogs, that will attack any thing that comes into the village, you are investigating the village so you want it clear, so you ring the bell to clear them out! Ada rings the bell, I thought that was awesome, it is not something you really need to know in the game or crucial to the story arc but it is just cool that the creators are in a sense tying up everything.

and I know most of you have no idea what I am talking about, but for the one or two that do, enjoy

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